5 Causes Of AC Problems


Summers are getting hotter, muggier, and less and less bearable for your customers. That is, unless they own an air conditioner. If they do, they can sit back, push a button, relax, and await the cool air from their unit to wash over them and make them forget all about the weather outside. We’re all way too fast to forget what the temperature is if we’re in a nice air conditioner room enjoying our favorite pastime activity.

But what happens if your customer’s air conditioning system begins malfunctioning? What happens if it won’t turn off, if there are weird noises coming from it, or if it simply doesn’t offer the performance and the comfort they’re used to? It’s easy to panic and to start pushing buttons, but it’s far better to know what might be causing the problem and react accordingly. Even if the solution is out of your customer’s reach, they’ll at least know they need to contact you.

What Causes Air Conditioning Problems?

The sad truth is that air conditioners, especially aging ones, can be prone to a wide range of issues caused by an even greater variety of potential problems. It can be rather difficult trying to pinpoint the exact root of the malfunction, even for the most experienced of technicians. However, some problems are more common than others.

Poor Air Filter

This is always the first culprit on any list, partly due to just how common dirty air filters and the problems they can cause are, and partly due to the fact that it’s one of the easiest root causes of different problems to resolve.

This issue can prevent the AC from properly cooling your customer’s homes as well as significantly lowering their indoor air quality, potentially causing health problems for them and their family. It’s advisable to check and maybe change air filters as frequently as once a month during peak cooling season.

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Malfunctioning Thermostat

The thermostat is in charge of controlling the operations of your customer’s air conditioning system. If it’s broken, there’s little chance that their cooling system will be able to operate properly. This can cause a wide range of problems, from the AC refusing to turn on to it not achieving the desired levels of home or office comfort. If the thermostat is faulty, it usually requires more work than a quick DIY solution, necessitating professional assistance.e56a

5 Causes Of AC Problems

Bad Evaporator Coils

The job of the evaporator coil is to absorb the humidity and heat from the residential or commercial property of your customers and send it outside. From there, the coils bring cool air to the interior of the property, providing the necessary cooling and comfort for your customers. A dirty or malfunctioning evaporator coil is unable to absorb the humidity and the heat properly, preventing the entire system from operating as it should.

Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant leak is also among the leading causes of various problems with the air conditioning systems in your customer’s homes or offices. Refrigerant is the main part of the cooling process, and if there are insufficient levels of it due to a leak, the AC won’t be able to reach the desired temperatures and will significantly reduce the levels of comfort in the property.

Bad Capacitor

The capacitor is the component within the AC in charge of running the fan motors and the compressor, making it essential for the entire cooling process. If the capacitor is faulty, the air conditioning system will either operate inefficiently or it will fail to start at all, requiring immediate replacement by your qualified technicians.

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