6 Types Of Jewelers That You Can Shop At

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Whether you’re looking for a luxury watch or that perfect ring, know that you have many jewelers to choose from. Not all jewelers provide the level of service, selection, or prices that you’re looking for. The best thing to do is to consider your options and compare jewelers to make the best decision.

Chain Jewelry Store

The chain jewelry store is the most common since they’re located in malls or shopping malls. These retailers provide a wide variety of jewelry brands and designers. Since these jewelers buy in bulk, they are able to offer lower prices and discount options. However, they don’t offer rare designs and custom design services. Mitchum Jewelers is an example of a chain store that emphasizes providing high-quality jewelry at affordable prices.

The Estate Dealer

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Estate is another name for used jewelry. In this case, it could be antique jewelry or vintage jewelry collections. Estate jewelry could be jewelry that was previously seen at the museum and extremely valuable and expensive. Most of the pieces you’ll see at this type of jewelry are unique and rare in style.

Designer Jewelry Brands

Designer jewelry brands have their own pop-up shops or chain stores around the country and even around the globe. They may even have their own website where they offer their line of jewelry. Designer jewelry brands can offer a mix of fashion jewelry and fine jewelry pieces.

Most of their designs are trendy and contemporary, although some designers stick to their own signature style. Many designers have boutiques in high-end cities such as New York, Paris, London, and Los Angeles. Retail chains may receive a license to offer some of their products.

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Independent Artists

Independent artists offer their own selection of handcrafted and handmade jewelry. Their jewelry may be more money than the other jewelers on this list. Independent artists make everything by hand and offer customized services for the consumer. Those who shop through independent artists will find unique pieces, high quality, and commitment to customer service and satisfaction.

Online Jewelry Stores

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Online shopping has increased in popularity over the years, and the same is true for jewelry lovers. This allows chain stores and retailers to reach a large customer base around the world. They also provide a larger selection of jewelry while doing away with the overhead costs. Mitchum Jewelers is another example of an online retailer that provides plenty of jewelry options.

Traveling Jewelers

These jewelers don’t work directly for a chain store. They visit customers at home, their place of work, or other locations. Sometimes they set up a shop at malls, warehouse stores, and shopping centers around the holidays. Their schedules are flexible making it easy to provide personalized services that most jewelers can’t provide.

There are some other factors you should consider when looking for the right jeweler. Is the jeweler knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to the type of jewelry you’re looking for? Do they offer a wide variety? Most importantly, jewelry shopping should be fun.

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