Bedroom Upgrades For A Good Sleep

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The bedroom is the place where you recharge yourself so that you can start every morning relaxed and ready to tackle the rest of the day. So your bedroom plays a critical role in the amount of sleep you get. Things like background noise, clutter, or the allergens in your mattress can affect your rest. So you should ensure that you make the bedroom conducive for a restful night. Listed below are a few upgrades that you can make to get the sleep your body needs.


Most mattresses will not last for more than 7 to 8 years. If you have a bed that is not comfortable enough or is not allowing you to sleep well, then buy mattresses online in India as it is time for an upgrade. A mattress should be such that it provides a night of good quality sleep and also prevents or provide relief from many aches and pains. It should also provide enough spine and lumbar support.

Mattress protector

Your mattress can attract dust mites and other allergens due to which you might have allergic reactions which affect your sleep. Mattress protectors are not only useful for protecting your mattress from accidental spills, but it serves many other purposes.

  • Protects from allergens
  • Water-resistant and washable.
  • Made of materials like terry cloth which helps in airflow and improves breathability and provides a cooling effect.
  • It helps to enhance the cooling technology of the memory foam mattress.
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Light can disturb your sleep, to keep it out of your bedroom install blackout curtains that block the sunlight and other outside lights. They come in varied colors, sizes, designs, and textures to match many styles.


A good supportive pillow that prevents pain in the head and neck is essential for good sleep. Experts recommend that you replace them every couple of years to get the needed support. You can buy memory foam pillows online as it adjusts according to the contour and also provide cooling to the head through better airflow which reduces the temperature of the rest of the body and helps you get to sleep without feeling hot.


Studies state that lavender, chamomile, and Vanilla promote relaxation. It is also known to reduce blood pressure levels and stabilize the heart rate which relaxes the mind and body and helps you fall asleep. You can use a diffuser near your bed stand to fill the bedroom with the scent or use a spray to help you unwind.

Reduce noise

Bedroom 3

Another factor that can disturb your sleep is the noise. It can be from outside if you live in an area where there is traffic or you have noisy neighbors. A fan or a white noise machine can be used to reduce these sounds. You can use furniture to reduce noise if you share a wall next door. If you are unable to sleep due to your partner tossing and turning then, you can buy a dual comfort mattress that absorbs the movement of the person sleeping next to you.

Add plants 

Plants are it with or without flowers adds subtle color and also bring positive energy to your bedroom. It removes toxins and makes it a healthy place to sleep.

One-third of a person’s life is spent sleeping, which means you spend that amount of time in your bedroom. Make your bedroom a shrine for relaxation through bedroom upgrades like WakeFit mattress, ambient lights, or by adding a plant and by removing everything that induces stress which includes gadgets like TV, laptop, and Smartphones. Once you put your foot into the room you should feel calm and secure as a lack of quality sleep can cause depression and\or significantly affect the overall health of a person.

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