Best Limits For The Perfect Penis Enlargement Now

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You’ve probably wondered about it and maybe even worried about it, is my penis big enough? Although women seldom or never complain about the length of the penis, it remains a tricky issue for many men. That is why urologists and doctors often get insecure men or boys in the waiting room with a request for penis enlargement. There are, however, enough reasons to think carefully about whether an attempt to enlarge your penis is worth it. The use of a big penis supplement is important here.

Unfounded uncertainty

It is almost surprising that an intervention that almost never has the desired effect and is not (yet) scientifically proven can be so popular. Uncertainty about your genitals is of course difficult to deal with and can be psychologically demanding, but in the case of a too-small penis, it is often even unfounded. Only when a penis is shorter than 6 centimeters will doctors perform a penis enlargement tomorrow. In fact, especially the first six centimeters of a woman’s vagina is sensitive, so a longer or larger penis does not necessarily provide more stimulation. Are you still unsure about the length of your penis? Then it might be better to first contact a sexologist or psychologist to address the uncertainty before considering a costly, risky, and often ineffective operation or equipment. The doctor discusses remedies and medical interventions that are meant to extend a penis.

Various options

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Pills, supplements, and creams

Experts are short but powerful about this: no means have been shown to have an effect on the length of the penis. So don’t spend money on it, it doesn’t work.

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The vacuum pump

This is a classic among penis enlargement devices. A tube is placed over the penis. Air is drawn from this with the aid of a manual or electric pump until a vacuum is created. This ensures that the penis is filled with blood, which results in a (slightly larger) erection. Then you do a tight elastic ring at the bottom of the penis so that the blood can no longer go away. The penis stays stiff until you remove the elastic.


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The penis pump has a medical function: it helps men with erection problems. But the pump has no lasting effect. As soon as you remove the ring, your penis will assume its original size.


The pinching of the penis should not last longer than 20 to 30 minutes, as it ultimately causes damage to the skin tissue.

Exercises, devices, and weights

First, it is important to know that the penis is not a muscle that you can train like your biceps. Most exercises, weights, and equipment are therefore aimed at stretching the skin and extending the penis itself.

Devices and weights

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Another possibility for penis enlargement is devices or weights that you put on your penis with the aim of stretching the penis. The idea is similar to the member gymnastics because blood circulation is also promoted. Some devices look like medieval instruments of torture and sometimes have to be attached to the penis for up to 10 hours a day.

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