Choosing The Best Real Estate Locations In America

There are over 6 million home sales in the United States every single year, and that figure is on the rise year on year – suggesting that there’s a pretty buoyant housing market in place here. And with amazing places to live, such as New York, Utah, and California, it’s really no surprise that there’s so much moving going on! America plays host to what is perhaps some of the finest rural, urban and suburban residential areas in the world, and there’s everything on offer here, from great views to a vibrant nightlife. With that in mind, here are some of the best neighborhoods, towns, and regions in which to set up a gorgeous new home.

New York

New York

Given its regular use in films and television programs screened across the globe, the real estate that graces Manhattan’s skyline is perhaps some of the most famous in the world. It is home to some of America’s finest properties, including the luxury townhouses of the museum and gallery-filled Upper East Side. It’s also home to a range of hip and happening neighborhoods.

Greenwich Village, for example, has a variety of independent cafes and bars on every other street, while Brooklyn is known for being a hub for arts. The common thread is, of course, price: these are some of America’s most expensive locations and the average sale price for a property in Manhattan is about 2 million dollars. Often, it means plenty of cash is needed for even a small-scale investment, such as a one-bedroom apartment.

Look to the broader New York state real estate scene, meanwhile, and it quickly becomes clear that there’s a lot more than just city slicking on offer. Riverside towns such as Kingston, for example, are full of amazing wine bars, restaurants, and other facilities with a distinctive small-town feel, while over in New Jersey, the NYC commuter town of Asbury Park is well worth a visit.



From top urban locations such as Salt Lake City to desert locations and the national parks, nobody can complain about Utah having a lack of options. For those who want the balance of outdoor activities and top-quality living, a location such as Park City just outside of Salt Lake City is a smart choice. Park City communities are designed to provide great housing as well as facilities for mountain biking, skiing, and other sports, and as a result, it’s well worth having a look at the communities in and around Park City if you love the outdoors.

If you’re searching for somewhere where you can really get away from it all and buy a home right at the heart of the beauty of nature, though, Utah towns such as Springdale are located right on the cusp of Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks. An advantage of buying real estate here is that there are many tourists, who can provide a sustainable income stream: in fact, Springdale alone gets more than 2 million visitors each year. In the long term, this means you can open up your home to tourists and lodgers if you ever need to make some cash from your real estate investment.

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Just as in the wider US, Florida has a vast range of real estate options to satisfy every need. From the retirement villages dotted up and down the country to the party centers of Miami and Orlando, there’s something for everyone. Those who prefer the coast tend to flock to towns such as the boardwalk-heavy region of Key West, while people who don’t fancy the vastness of Miami but still want city life can head to Tallahassee and Jacksonville. Despite high prices in many places, affordable Florida living is still possible. Places such as Kissimmee and Palm Coast often score highly on rankings of affordable and livable places in the state, as does Cape Coral.

Florida 2

In a country as vast and diverse as the US, one thing is certain: there are plenty of amazing places in which to live, no matter what your preferences might be. From the swanky townhouses of Manhattan to the rural charm of Utah, there are lots of options for all sorts of Americans. Buying a home or an investment property isn’t easy, of course: real estate prices are high, and there are all sorts of bureaucratic hurdles in the way. But once you have found the area of your dreams, you’ve already made the hardest decision – and all that’s left to do is to start planning.

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