A Complete Guide On Necessary Considerations For Moving From Canada To The US

In recent years, it has been observed that quite a number of people are moving from Canada to the US. Significant factors contributing to this are their locations, Canada is situated in the North and much closer to the US. Due to this most of the time, people migrate to the US for jobs and study opportunities. However, when you’re moving internationally there are some important things that you need to know. Let’s discuss them.

Moving From Canada To The US

Looking for a moving service

Finding a trustworthy moving service company for the cross-border moving service from Canada to the USA is quite difficult. That’s why we are here with the best solution, Miracle Movers. With their work experience and professional teams, they provide the best service. They have excellent packing skills, and the expertise to handle fragile things with ease. Also, they provide extra options for customized moving services like long-term storage, full packing, DIY packing, etc.

Important things to keep in mind before traveling

  • Immigrant Visa: to stay permanently, the very first thing a person should need is a green card or Lawful Permanent Resident (LRR). It helps the immigrants to get the facilities as permanent citizens. These can be renewed with time and can be reused but are quite expensive. Hence, most of the time people choose non-immigrant or temporary visas.

There are various types of green cards. They are:

  1. Family sponsorship green card
  2. Employment-based green card
  3. Education-based green cards
  4. Humanitarian green card

Moving From Canada To The US

  • Document: It is one of the most cumbersome but important steps in the whole process of immigration. Certain forms that you have to fill out carefully are ETA-750, I-140, and I-485. Along with these you also have to submit Advanced Patrol, travel documents, etc. After approval, you’ll get your plastic green card.
  • Translocation: another important thing to keep in mind is the transportation of your household and other belonging. In such cases, the best solution is to hire a moving service company. However, before trusting any company make sure to check their license, and customer reviews and ask them about their work experience, etc.
  • Moving costs: plan all your activities according to your budget. On average, the moving cost from Canada to America would be approximately $4,500-$7,000. Mostly the moving costs depend upon:
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  1. Distance between your present location and destination.
  2. A company that you choose
  3. Weight of your essentials.
  4. Time or season

Tips to lower the moving cost

If you want to save your money then you should try the following tips:

  • Check for the discounts.
  • Stay flexible with your moving date unless it is urgent. Keep the date in a range.
  • You can pack the stuff on your own so, that you won’t have to pay the packing charges.
  • Try to minimize the essentials to be located.
  • Choose sea route shipping as it is way cheaper as compared to sea freight.

Moving From Canada To The US


While moving make sure to keep all the necessary documents and other things. Keep the above points in your mind.

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