Declutter Your Home Fast!

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From piles of magazines to books and from old electronics to broken antiques and everything in between, there are so many things you can remove from your home right away.

The thought of decluttering your home might be overwhelming, especially when you consider all the work that’s awaiting you. However, the decluttering journey doesn’t have to be as tough and painful as you’d like to imagine. People have come up with some creative and exciting ways to declutter your home fast.

So, however, does one grasp what to stay, and what to throw?

Ask yourself,

“Have I used this item within the last twelve months?” and “If I were to buy right away, would I obtain this? “If the answer is yes, then you can keep it, but if it’s no, you might want to donate or throw it away. There are times when you keep items because you feel as though doing away with them will be wasting money. But if you think about it, you are never going to use them, so it’s better to donate them because the items are only adding to your clutter.

Being clear about what to throw and what to keep will help you save time and declutter effectively.

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Consider these great tips to declutter your home fast

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Divide and concur

Divide your home into four sections; kitchen, bathroom, living/dining room, and bedrooms. Then dedicate 10 minutes to declutter each of these sections.

Give yourself ten solid minutes

Once you have your sections all squared away, your decluttering strategy is going to be as follows: you are going to spend 10 minutes on every section. The best way to go about this is to have a timer.

Living/dining room and bedroom

For your living room, dining room and bedroom use the first five minutes to collect all the clutter, including electronics, cables, broken glasses, old watches, magazines, books, unused clothes, unfitting shoes, old sheets, boxes, and so on and place them in different containers depending on what you are planning to do with them. Use the remaining five minutes put the rest of the stuff to where they belong.


Spend the first five minutes removing all items from the cabinets, and assessing them. Then clear anything that you haven’t used or are not planning to use soon. This may include things like outdated medicines, toothpaste, lotions, and so on.

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Use the other five minutes to put everything back in their storage spaces, and to place the clutter in the trash can.


Use the first five minutes to remove all items from the cabinets, including cutlery and dishes, and assess them. You can also look at the expiry dates of different food items that are in storage.

Spend the last five minutes to return the items to their proper storage rooms and throw away any expired foodstuffs as well as clutter. Clear things from your counter and only leave what you use on a daily basis.

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