Few Healthy Resolutions For New Year That You Can Keep

Few Healthy Resolutions For New Year That You Can Keep 1

Are you also one of them who make many ambitious resolutions with lots of optimism every 31st of December? And then you end up cursing yourself for not being able to fulfill it. We all know how difficult and tough to stand on our New Year’s resolutions.

Managing your new year resolution and maintaining them is based on your personal discipline, perseverance will power, and also your self-control. While all these can be your elements of personality, but also they are the traits that you can hone, develop and expand.

Let us list down a few New Year’s resolutions that are most likely to be maintained and also offer you certain health benefits too.

1. Spend less time sitting

If your work involves a lot of sitting then try to take a break after every hour and take a small walk around your workplace for a few minutes.

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Few Healthy Resolutions For New Year That You Can Keep 2

2. Eat plenty of whole foods

Make a healthy meal plan for yourself and eat more of whole foods, e.g.

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Fish
  • Whole grains.

Such foods contain plenty of nutrients that the body needs.

3. Reduce sugar intake

Reduce as much possible eating chocolates, sugary drinks, as all these may lead to obesity, heart diseases, and many other health complications.

4. Do physical exercise that you enjoy

Physical exercises can benefit all of us, however, it has been seen that people get bored too soon with that. So, include some entertainment with your exercises. For example, you can find some interesting friends to partner with you.

5. Eat more home-made foods

Avoid taking foods outside or any processed foods. Rather try to learn cooking some interesting healthy foods all by yourself.  Prefer to eat more homemade foods.

6. Reduce stress

Avoid taking too serious about anything. Spend some time in deep meditation to keep your mind free from all kinds of work or family-related stresses.

Few Healthy Resolutions For New Year That You Can Keep 4

7. Spend more time with yourself

You may spend some time alone with yourself and try to talk to yourself. Soon you will start enjoying doing that. You can solve many complex problems in your life by doing this regularly.

8. Make a partner who has a common resolution

Find an interesting partner who may share a common resolution with you so that both can motivate each other to maintain it regularly.

9. Limit spending time with the screen

These days’ people spend lots of time with their mobile phones, Laptop or TV watching.  Try to limit your time in doing these activities. These are harmful to your eyes and also disturb your sleeping pattern.

10. Cut back on your alcohol intake

If you are regularly taking alcohol then consider seriously to cutting back your alcohol intake. Remember, alcohol does more harm than good to you.

If you can find some method that can keep you motivated throughout the year to maintain all your commitments, then it can help you to stick with it. Sticking to your health goals will certainly pay you a rich dividend in the longer run.

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