What is the Importance of Freezer Spacers When Blast Freezing?

Spacers can be one of the essential parts of optimizing the blast-freezing process. You can save plenty of energy by freezing smarter.

To obtain efficient blast freezing, it is necessary to understand how the entire air flows inside your freezing chamber. Generally, a blast freezer will be equipped with a certain cooling device powerful blasting fans for circulating the air, and a dehumidifier for removing any humidity present inside the freezer.

freezer spacers

Within your pallet transfer system also you can incorporate the freezer spacers and the Top Industries can help you to develop a such system for you.

With better air circulation present inside the freezer, it can reduce the time needed to freeze your products. If you reduce the fan speed within the freezing tunnel, then energy usage can be reduced by almost more than 75%, and thus you can save money.

For better circulation of the air all around your products, freezer spacers can always be inserted in the form of layers between the boxes, to enable better airflow.

However, so far as designing is concerned, there are several choices available on the market. Selecting a freezer spacer is quite a difficult task. To come out with a better solution that can suit your business, it is essential to consider the following 2 factors.

Efficiency and performance

  1. Efficiency and performance

To make room between the layers of food while blast-freezing, spacers are primarily used.

The use of spacers between layers allows the cold air to make the most contact possible with the box layers. The spacers should also make it easier for cold air to pass through the stacks. 

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  1. Design and functionality

The feasibility of the various spacer designs should also be taken into account. This involves, among other things, the way the spacers maintain the box layers, which can be difficult to do when stacking soft cardboard boxes with heavy, unevenly formed meals.

The spacer’s ability to be cleaned should also be taken into account since it will be functioning in a setting with strict hygiene requirements.

The Importance of Freezer Spacers

The Importance of Freezer Spacers

Commonly the application of freezer spacers will be needed while you are involved in any food handling process so that you can speed up your blast freezing.

Just placing a certain freezer spacer in between each layer of your items on a pallet can decrease the time needed for your blast freezing by 30%. The distance between each layer of food makes it possible for the load to be more effectively cooled.

Freezer spacers can also help in reducing any water build-up during the washing or thawing phases of food handling.

Their readily nestable design also helps you save money and space! Freezer spacers can be a great substitute for using any steel racks as they need less space, less manual labor, and also have less cost connected with them. You can easily wash the spacers for reuse by using a power washer or by just scrubbing.

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