How To Install Toner Cartridges In Your Laser Printer?

How To Install Toner Cartridges In Your Laser Printer 2

Eventually, your laser printer will run out of its toner after you use it for a long time continuously. By replacing them correctly and swiftly, you can continue to use them as usual and work faster.

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How to check your cartridge toner level?

The first sign that your cartridge is going low is an orange light flashing on the printer’s upper right corner. As this printer series lacks a built-in display panel, you may not see the cartridge levels on the printer itself, but you can see them on your HP smart app.

This program may be downloaded for free from the Microsoft store and installed immediately on your PC. Users with Macs can also get an Apple version through iTunes. After downloading the app, go to the “supported cartridges” tab to see the estimated cartridge levels. It is time to replace the cartridge if the level is low.

How To Install Toner Cartridges In Your Laser Printer 1

How to prepare your toner cartridge

We recommend using a trash bin to open a fresh toner. If you are not careful, toner powder can easily escape from your cartridge while the unboxing process will continue, causing a mess. Remove the toner cartridge from the box and the plastic wrapping and cardboard that surrounds it. On the end of your cartridge, there should be a plastic clip.

This clip will protect your cartridge during shipment, and if it is still connected, the cartridge may not fit in your printer. Remove the clip and throw it away. Then, to prime your cartridge for the printer, gently move it back and forth over your trash can.

The following are the steps used for installing toner cartridges:

  1. Open your printer door for accessing the toner cartridges.
  2. Then remove the drum assembly out of the printer just by pulling it out straight.
  3. Remove the old cartridge just by pressing on the release lever available on its drum assembly.
  4. Now take your new cartridge but keep it within its plastic packaging. Often during shipping, the toner may settle in your toner drum, and produce poor-quality copies. For preventing this problem, shake gently the cartridge. This will help to fully distribute toner all throughout your cartridge.
  5. Now, remove your new cartridge out of its package and pull off its sealing tape. As you do this, do not touch your imaging drum that is on the bottom of your toner cartridge.
  6. You can put your replacement cartridge in, and it must securely snap in place.
  7. Slide back and forth your drum cleaning lever.
  8. Reinsert completely your drum assembly and close the access port of the printer.
  9. Your printer is now ready for use.

How To Install Toner Cartridges In Your Laser Printer 3

Print a test page

Most computers may ask you if you like to print any test page for ensuring that the new cartridge will be functional. Now click OK and your computer will scan all the printer settings and produce a printed page.

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