How To Keep Arizona Fire Ants Out of the House

I don’t care where you live in Arizona, if you have a home there then you know about the Arizona fire ant. The red imported fire ants might be one of the most aggressive species of ants I have ever encountered. Growing up as a kid I played in the yard a lot and remember being bitten by these little red ants all the time. As stupid as it may sound, those little insects have enough poison in them to make you itch for a week. During the summer months, they are much more active and begin their journey for finding for the winter. This is when many Arizona homeowners will notice them indoors, an assembly line of ants crossing your kitchen floor to the spilled food that the kids didn’t bother to pick up and the dogs missed. Ants are attracted to sugar, but also everyday foods like eggs and meats. They have a sense of smell like nothing I have seen before. As little as they are, those Arizona ants will find a point of entry into your home and locate the smallest debris of food all the way across the house. I have witnessed it with my own eyes and am often taken back by the determination these insects have for locating and returning food scraps back to their colony.

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I wouldn’t mind ants so much if they didn’t bite me or the kids, but that’s not the case. As little as these insects are, their bites pack a punch that can itch, cause swelling, and agitate a child to the point of restlessness in the evenings. There are many pest control solutions when it comes to ants like Terro, Amdro Ant Block, Orthene Fire, Raid, Diatomaceous Earth, and many other nontoxic poisons that can get rid of your ant problem for good. For those with pets and small children, you will want to use something non-toxic to avoid any accidental poisoning of your dog or cat.

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Regardless of how many times I terminate these pests, they do seem to return every summer. The abundance of ants that exist in the Arizona desert is obnoxious. Red ants, black ants, and all ranging from sizes large and small. I’m not sure there is a permanent pest control solution that will rid you of your problem forever, so seasonal maintenance and treatment are recommended for anyone experiencing ant hills or infestations on their property. Keeping floors clean and free of food will help prevent the imported red ants from entering your home. If you have pets that feed off of the back patio, make sure the area is cleaned regularly to prevent ants from returning to feed on the patio.

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There are many Arizona pest control services that are capable of terminating infestations and ant colonies. Large anthills should be handled by a professional to prevent injury and to ensure the extermination process is carried out properly to prevent them from returning. Ant colonies exist far underground, and the queen ant is well protected by the other ants. Getting to her is what will make the pest control application successful. Without a queen to lay eggs, the colony will die off and it will become a permanent solution. Eco-friendly and poisons aren’t always as effective as the harsher chemicals, so you will need to decide how you want to treat your yard prior to calling in a pest control company. Most pest control services offer green and environmentally friendly ways to terminate these ant colonies. Be sure you ask questions before buying into any of these services. You can also read how to keep other bugs out of your home.

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