Learning More About Golf Strokes with An Avid Follower Omari Betts

Golf could be said to be an understated field game, though a lot of people are aware of it, not many indulge in it. It holds the record of being one of the two games that were played on the moon and the reminiscent of which still remain on the moon, the other game being javelin throw. This act was performed by Alan B. Shepherd and his colleague Edgar Mitchell in 1967. Despite being such an interesting game, the game has received very few ardent fans such as Omari Betts.

This man is a young graduate who is so fond of the game that he decided to give back his gratitude to the community in form of coaching the game. Omari Betts thus provides education to underprivileged children in the game of golf during his spare time, by working as a volunteer in the First Tee Program at Langston Golf Course in Washington DC. He strongly believes that playing golf or learning about the game should start at a very early age as that gives scope for the individual to better themselves before they can actually play their game at a good level, and be an above-average golf player.

Learning More About Golf Strokes with An Avid Follower Omari Betts 2

Only Detailed Analysis From Omari Betts Help to Get Things Clear

Like any other bat and ball game, the basic idea of this game too is to hit the ball with the bat in such a way that it reaches its target, which is a hole, some several yards away from where the game begins. Hence, similar to any other game, this game too has its own shortcomings, ‘slicing’ one of those primary shortcomings. Slicing refers to the hitting of the ball in an awkward position, so much so that it takes a wrong curve and lands somewhere absolutely contrary to your calculation.

The primary mistake in the ball going off course has to be the error in the way the ball is hit. It is a very common thing for a shot to go wrong, but what is important here is that you learn from your mistakes and try and rectify them while there is still time. The push is one of those wrong hits that cause a ball to land to the right of the hole whereas it was supposed to land on the target as it was traveling straight in the path of the target.

Learning More About Golf Strokes with An Avid Follower Omari Betts 3

The pulls just opposite to the push-in which the ball lands on the left side of the target hole, even though it was traveling in the straight path of the hole. When the ball hits on the forward edge of the clubface, it slightly falls short of reaching the target, this wrong shot is known by the name of the thin.

Similar to the thin is the phin in which again the ball falls short of the target and on landing it keeps on changing its side (fishtailing). Apart from these, there is the top, the fat, and of course the slice. Once these shortcomings are overcome, then there is no stopping you from playing an extraordinary game of golf.

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