Plasmolifting – An Innovative Way for Rejuvenating Your Skin and Correct Aesthetic Defects


We all wish for a youthful-looking firm and wrinkle-free skin, long and thick hair, strong joints, and regain energy level from the past. The way to achieve this health and skin restoration lies within our body and can be made up by our very own blood platelets.

This amazing method was developed and applied by two Russian scientists in 2003. They created the Plasmolifting technique, which involves injecting autologous platelet-rich plasma (PRP) on the effective area of treatment of our body. In PRP, blood is transformed into platelet plasma through centrifugation and applied to the area which is to be treated. This procedure is used in areas like –

  • Aesthetic medicine – for improving skin elasticity and quality, acne problems
  • Gynaecology – for disturbed menstrual cycle, treating injuries in the vagina
  • Trichology – for treating hair loss
  • Stomatology – for dental surgery, accelerates growth and regeneration of gum tissues
  • Orthopaedics
  • Sports medicine
  • Urology

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Plasmolifting - An Innovative Way for Rejuvenating Your Skin and Correct Aesthetic Defects 2

How is autologous blood collected?

There is a huge list of ailments and diseases that can be cured with PRP. The platelet-rich plasma is produced from autologous blood with the help of PRP tubes and is then applied to the area through an injection where Plasmolifting is to be done.

Dr. Renat Akhmerov’s website offers basic supplies needed for plasma therapy including serums, equipment, consumables likes needles, syringes, and vacutainer. You will also get top-rated PRP tubes here in a set of 10 and 30 tubes at reasonably discounted rates. The Genlife Premium PRP tubes contain 2 tubes in a box and come with a special separation gel that allows a significant increase in platelet count.

Advantages of Plasmolifting

  • It is simple and easy to use
  • There is no need to purchase any expensive medical devices
  • There is no surgery involved
  • The procedure is safe and natural as it uses the body’s most natural substance, its blood, and more precisely, blood plasma
  • Therefore, the risk of any kind of allergic reaction and side effects is minimalized
  • The post-procedure recovery is fast
  • There is no harm in combining it with other kinds of procedures
  • There are hardly any contraindications
  • The Plasmolifting technique is used widely in different areas of medicine

Plasmolifting - An Innovative Way for Rejuvenating Your Skin and Correct Aesthetic Defects 3

How is Plasmolifting used for aesthetic purposes?

Aesthetic treatments are performed by using Plasmolifting gel therapy, which is made by heating the autologous plasma. This gel is used for:

  • Treating deep wrinkles
  • Facial imperfections
  • Restoring the young outline of the face
  • Correcting cheekbones, chin, lips, and mandibular contour

In this method, the plasma is used as a gel that is injected into the intradermal area. The gel is distributed evenly without any side effects and with no visible traces.

  • It fills the wrinkles and grooves
  • rejuvenates the facial tissues that are lost due to ageing
  • stimulates the collagen production
  • this improves the firmness and makes the skin flawless

The demand for anti-ageing methods has exceeded remarkably in European countries and so has the demand for Plasmolifting. Its non-surgical, completely natural procedure makes it all alluring to regain youth in no time.

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