Advantages and Disadvantages of Renting a Catamaran for a Wedding in Barcelona

A wedding ceremony organized on a catamaran will provide a wealth of positive impressions and long-lasting memories. While sailing on a catamaran, you can admire the magnificent sea slopes and local attractions with a glass of champagne.

In Barcelona, you can choose any travel route for a catamaran, such as Barcelona itself or Costa Brava. The cost of renting a boat for a wedding is attractive nowadays, with many companies offering this service. Renting a catamaran with Barcelona Boat Rental is an original idea, but before planning the event, it is wise to carefully assess all its advantages and disadvantages.


What attracts people to organizing a wedding on a catamaran?

  • The ever-changing city panorama during the journey undoubtedly provides unforgettable emotions. The photos you can take on the deck will undoubtedly be delightful. Beautiful nature, excellent lighting, and a great mood will help create unforgettable photos filled with ideas, exclusivity, and artistic value.
  • You can invite a large number of people on board. Typically, a catamaran can accommodate up to 200 people. A banquet or buffet on the vessel can be organized without additional difficulties.
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  • If necessary, you can use the services of professionals who are ready to provide a full range of necessary services. Specialists offer high-quality service – excellent table settings, delicious dishes, etc. If desired, you can even organize a barbecue on the deck.
  • By designing a contest program, decorating the deck effectively, and developing entertainment, you can make a boat wedding bright, spectacular, and unforgettable. Such an event will certainly please all guests without exception.

Are there any disadvantages to a catamaran wedding?

Undoubtedly, a boat-organized wedding has many undeniable advantages. A celebration on a vessel is filled with fresh ideas, and beautiful weather will lift the spirits of all guests. However, as we know, the weather can be unpredictable and can spoil unexpectedly. This factor must be taken into account.


Before embarking on a journey or making a reservation, you should familiarize yourself with the weather forecast. It is preferable to choose a vessel equipped with a canopy. To avoid swaying during the journey, you should prefer a flat-bottomed vessel.

Flat-bottomed boats travel smoothly, so swaying will not be felt. Unfortunately, if any guest is late for the ceremonial event, they will not be able to attend the celebration. You need to warn all guests not to be late. To ensure a safe sea journey, try to choose only reliable companies. A catamaran wedding with “Barcelona Boat Rental” will be held at the proper level.

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