The Best Way to Check Your Roof’s Condition

Roofs play a vital role in every home, and if they aren’t properly maintained, they can experience problems. After bad weather, the roof also needs some attention, especially if you live in an older house. Keeping the exterior is necessary for preserving the interior. You don’t have to be an expert to spot some issues, so I asked 619 Roofing to show me what to pay attention to when I’m up there. Here’s a checklist of items you should check when you decide to perform a roof inspection. It is worth mentioning that professional assistance here is of great value.

Roof Condition


The first step is to perform a thorough inspection to the extent the safety and your expertise permit you to detect potential problems. An expert should inspect your roof periodically, let you know if something is wrong, and suggest solutions if necessary.

Here are the steps you should take if you choose to do it yourself:

The first line of defense against the weather is the shingle. Shingles can break, get loose, or fall off. Make sure you replace any missing or damaged shingles. It is also good to prevent their premature deterioration by replacing them whenever they show signs of wear.

Termites or mold might be signs of damage inside your home as well. You should react if you notice any watermarks on walls or ceilings, the peeling of paint, or the smell of musty water.

In addition, see if any rust is present in the flashing. Rust will likely accumulate on metal parts on the roof over time due to constant exposure to water. Corrosion-resistant paint can be used; however, replacement is necessary if the rust has progressed significantly, replacement is necessary.

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Inspect The Gutters

The gutters in a roof divert rainwater to the ground. As gutters age, they become loose and can cause problems. In many cases, leaks are caused by clogged and dirty gutters, so cleaning them could resolve the problem. You need an experienced eye to detect even the tiniest issues that develop into significant issues if not attended to promptly. Rust can also affect gutters, so you need to keep an eye on even the most negligible traces of rust that can spread further if not dealt with in time.

Observe Your Surroundings

Roof Condition

Don’t forget to allow your roof to breathe. Unsupervised tree branches can cause problems on your roof. Heavy storms can cause tree branches to damage your roof. The leaves should not remain on the roof for too long, as they can cause clogs and excess weight.

To reduce the number of times, you would have to clean after a strong wind, protect your roof and trim the surrounding trees. This will minimize the risk of damage during bad weather.

A Regular Cleanup

The roof is usually ignored when cleaning the house, but regular cleaning is necessary to ensure longevity and quality. Moreover, regular maintenance applies to the inside and outside of your house. Regular roof cleaning helps avoid more significant problems. Keeping your roof clean after a storm is crucial, as many things may end up on it.

A Professional Inspection

It is dangerous to go up on the roof, and it’s best not to risk hurting yourself or causing additional trouble if you don’t know what you’re doing. Let a professional take care of all the hard work in your stead instead of trying to be a hero and fix the roof yourself. For this reason, you should have your roof checked regularly and fixed if needed. Save time and money, and avoid risks that involve climbing on the roof by hiring a professional inspection.


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