The Challenges of Employee Empowerment and How to Overcome Them

Empowerment describes a procedure in which a manager shares control with a subordinate. Managers can give subordinates more power by working together, including them in decision-making, and providing them with access to pertinent information.

Employee Empowerment

Incompetence increases when similar resource sharing, decision-making authority, and information are ignored.

This incompetency raises frustration, which in turn lowers self-efficiency. The initial idea behind empowerment is that by giving employees a voice in decisions that affect them as well as more autonomy and control over their working lives, employees will become more engaged with the organization, motivated, productive, and satisfied with their work.

Employees who feel invested also feel empowered. Jobs that are overly stiff and organized don’t draw in employees who want to be around for a very long period.

They will be more likely to stay in that position rather than look for other employment when given more authority to handle challenges in their department.

iBAN Online is a crowdfunding business where that helps investors and borrowers to finance through automation. They are the best example of employee empowerment.

The entire team of the company works together, and every employee is given full liberty to make decisions. This has risen the productivity of the company and retention rate.

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Obstacles in Employee Empowerment


It is not easy for leaders to initiate employee empowerment. This is one of the key reasons why executives don’t bother attempting to empower employees. It is easier to avoid attempting something like this since it may not turn out properly and may not be worth the effort.

Fear of Losing Position

Employee Empowerment image

Sometimes managers in lower levels of management worry that if they give their staff more power, they will lose their positions of authority. Management posts could be reduced or eliminated if workers had more autonomy and responsibility.

No Clarity in Goals 

Both companies and employees need to be clear about the kind of empowerment goals they are working towards. The goal of “being more empowered” is not specific enough. However, setting goals like “recommend alternate solutions” or “handle small tasks on your own” will be much more attainable.

How to Overcome These Obstacles 

To create such an environment and work culture organizations should –

  • Encourage managers and staff to speak with each other privately.
  • Employers must demonstrate their trust in them by giving them tasks that go beyond their regular responsibilities. Employees now have more responsibility, which also demonstrates the manager’s desire to see them develop.
  • Consider employees’ opinions and determine whether they merit implementation. The diverse background of employees may help them contribute creative ideas to the workplace.
  • Working remotely and telecommuting are excellent methods to demonstrate to employees that they are trusted, and any freedom that employers grant their staff can increase engagement.
  • Managers should inquire about employees’ families, hobbies, weekend plans, and other personal information to get to know them better. Employees feel valued as a result, and managers are better able to relate to them.

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It takes effort to engage everyone and give them authority, but the effort is typically worthwhile in the end. Strategize and work out with your team and communicate with them as much as possible. This will help in building a great relationship with your employees and make them comfortable.

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