The Importance of a Three-Tiered Approach to Cleaning

Keeping your home or workplace clean is essential for maintaining a safe and healthy environment. However, many people don’t know the difference between the three tiers of cleaning: cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting. Experts from My American Maid claim that understanding the importance of each tier and how they work together can help people develop an effective cleaning routine that ensures the health and safety of all who occupy the space.


Cleaning is the first and most essential step in any good sanitation routine. It’s all about removing dirt, debris, dust, and other messes from surfaces. This can be accomplished with a variety of products, including cloths, sponges, vacuums, and cleaning detergents. Cleaning should always start with the least abrasive method available, such as water and a cloth. Avoid scrubbing excessively, as this can cause damage to surfaces.

After a surface has been cleaned, it is important to dry it completely. Moisture can allow bacteria to grow and spread, so drying thoroughly can help prevent that. In summary, cleaning removes dirt and debris and sets the stage for the next steps in the sanitation process.


Sanitizing is an essential step in the cleaning process as it helps to reduce the number of germs on surfaces. It’s especially important for areas that come in contact with food, like countertops, utensils, and cutting boards. Sanitizing reduces the amount of germs on surfaces by killing some of them. Sanitizing is typically done with a chemical agent that has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


The most common chemical used in sanitizing is chlorine bleach. It is often combined with other chemicals to create a solution that is effective at killing germs. When used properly, sanitizing can help reduce the spread of disease-causing germs and bacteria. It is important to read the instructions on any chemical sanitizer carefully before using it.

Sanitizing should be done regularly, especially in areas where food is prepared or stored. It should also be done after any spills or accidents occur to prevent further contamination. When used properly, sanitizing can help keep your home clean and healthy.

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Disinfecting is the process of using chemicals to kill germs on surfaces and in the air. It’s the third and final step of a three-tiered cleaning system, and it’s essential for controlling the spread of infectious diseases. Disinfectants can be found in the form of sprays, wipes, or concentrated solutions that are diluted with water before use. The type of disinfectant and concentration used will depend on the surface being treated and the purpose of the treatment.

Approach to Cleaning

When disinfecting, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully, as improper use can have dangerous results. For example, some chemicals become toxic if mixed together, or can cause skin or respiratory irritation. It’s also important to note that disinfecting does not replace cleaning, as it is not effective if the surface is dirty or covered in debris. Cleaning should always be done first to ensure the best possible results from disinfecting.

Regularly disinfecting high-touch surfaces like door handles, light switches, and countertops is an important step in reducing the spread of germs and infections. It should be done in conjunction with regular cleaning and sanitizing for the best results.

The three-tiered approach to cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting is essential for keeping our living spaces safe and healthy. By properly cleaning and removing dirt and debris, we can create a better environment for our families. Sanitizing kills bacteria and germs on surfaces while disinfecting eliminates all viruses, bacteria, and fungi on surfaces. Utilizing all three of these processes can help protect us and our loved ones from potentially harmful contaminants.

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