Top 4 Must-Have Reception Area Furniture

There are just a few places in your office that are important to both – your employees and your clients, and the reception area is on that list.

The reception area is the first thing that your clients will see as they walk into your office, and mostly the last one while they are leaving. This means that the reception area has to be catchy and impressive.

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Depending on your business, the setting of reception areas is different. Nevertheless, there are some common elements that every reception area must have. For an office in the UK, it is best to consult a London-based reception desk and seating supplier.

A London-based seller will know what the current trend is, what is usually preferred by the guests, as well as what will last longer.

Then again, the most basic furniture that you need for any reception area are:

1. Desk

The most crucial piece of furniture in any reception area is the Desk. This is a spot towards which any visitor will walk and ask their queries. The exact design of the desk may vary depending on your industry type.

However, it must be well-designed and easy to organize.

Also, the placement will matter.

So, ensure there is enough space between the entrance and the desk, as well as there is adequate lighting above the desk.

2. Chairs

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No reception area will look complete without chairs, and that makes chairs the second most important element of this area.

Pick comfortable chairs that are stylish enough to complement the interior design of your office. You will see there are countless options, but the ones that feel inviting are the best.

On the other hand, if you don’t have enough space to fit in multiple chairs, don’t just add a single chair, it will make no sense.

Check out the alternatives like stools or benches. Ideally, you want something that can accommodate at least 2 to 3 individuals.

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3. Sofas

In most offices, the reception area also works as a waiting area. So, if your clients are going to be waiting in your reception area, you need something more comfortable than a chair or stool for their seating.

Consider lounge-style seating for this purpose. If you are going for customized sofas and couches, you can easily incorporate your company colors using them.

4. Tables, Stands, and come Greens

Nowadays, reception areas are designed extremely well. There are so many elements that are added to enhance its functionality as well as its aesthetic appeal. Small stands and tables around this area with magazines and newsletters make it more interactive.

Furthermore, since your reception area is going to be an enclosed room, it is best to add some natural elements like plants to it.

Tables, Stands, and come
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Keep in mind, they will not just beautify your reception area but even boosts productivity and ability to focus amongst your employees.

As per research, it is observed that employees that work in offices with plants around report higher levels of satisfaction and happiness.

Well, there you go. Along with the elements mentioned above, you can add many other pieces of furniture depending on your requirement and available space.

However, no matter what you take, ensure going for high-quality, stylish, and durable furniture.

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