Urbanclap Helped Me To Give A New Look To My Office Interiors

Going for Interior design at the office has become a classy statement these days. No matter how rich you are, if you have faded interiors, it will affect your reputation a bit. You might be the best in your business, but if your office doesn’t have a super cool set up, your clients might want to get away from you. I had been running my father’s business after his death for the past 3 years and we are more than 30 years old players in the industry. I am the owner of a reputed sweet house in Mumbai and have over INR500Ksales daily, all thanks to my father’s hard work.

Along with the sweet shop, we even have a joint eatery where we serve the blend of North Indian and South Indian food. My father had always served the demands of his customers to the best. He has always taken care of the quality of products we deliver to our customers. Moreover, he was the man who hasn’t overlooked the demand of time when it comes to the interiors. He always kept on changing the interiors of the shop that attracted the eyes of customers. This might be another reason why we have so many pleased customers now.

Urbanclap Helped Me To Give A New Look To My Office Interiors 3

The Hassle to Find the Best Interior Designer Began

For the past 4 years, the interiors haven’t been changed and it was the time to go for a change. So, I decided to find some good interior designers in Mumbai who can help us to give a new look to the sweet shop and the joint eatery we own in minimal time. I tried my level best to find the best interior designers in the city but failed in all attempts. Either the designers were charging too much or they were asking for too much time and money to revamp my sweet house.

One of the very old customers of my sweet house recommended I go with the UrbanClap app. At first, I was hesitant to install the app, but I had no other option left. I installed the app and started searching for the best interior designers near me. Out of the hundreds of choices available, I shortlisted 5 of them and called them to my shop one by one. Gauri Matre impressed me a lot with her portfolio and the experience she had in this field. So, without a second thought, I hired her services.

Urbanclap Helped Me To Give A New Look To My Office Interiors 2

What I Loved about the App?

UrbanClap is an awesome application that I have ever used on my smartphone. The superfast easy to use interface made the navigation easy. Just a few taps and I was able to fix the meetings with the interior designers. The best part was that I was able to select the location to precise my search for the interior designer.

Before short-listing Gauri’s profile, I have gone through the ratings and reviews submitted by her clients. I could hardly find any negative reviews on her profile. Also, during the meeting, she was very straightforward and I lived this attitude. Though she didn’t offer me the cheapest price as I had the prices from the other 4 designers which I met before meeting Gauri, still I hired her services as it gave me a positive vibe while talking to her. She is surely one of the best interior designers in Mumbai city.

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Urbanclap Helped Me To Give A New Look To My Office Interiors 5

How Gauri worked with the Interiors?

After hiring the services of Gauri, she gave me the entire plan on which she will be working on. She asked for 15 days, but the work was completed in just 12 days. The nicely textured walls displayed our 30 years old journey with the photo frames. The wall ceiling design was unique and was complementing the floor marbles. The chair and tables were totally revamped and were made more comfortable than before with stickers of our sweet home.

Everything was done nicely which made me give her the bonus. Being one of the best freelance interior designers in Mumbai, he had a superb team that can handle the most difficult tasks with ease. The best part was that she and her team worked overnight after the closing time of my sweet house. Her hard work paid off and I even recommended her to 4 of my customers. Hundreds of my customers were impressed by the new interiors and I was feeling proud to be the owner of this luxurious sweet house now.

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Urbanclap Helped Me To Give A New Look To My Office Interiors 8

Why I would like to recommend UrbanClap to All?

I would definitely love to recommend this app to people who are a bit busy in the daily hassles of their life. It is the perfect destination to find the daily household services near your location at an affordable price. Every techy will fall in love with its super easy interface. Going with UrbanClap for hiring the daily household services can turn out to be the best decision of your life as it turned for me when I hired Gauri, the best interior designer in Mumbai. Go for it!

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