What Home Upgrades Should you Consider for the Winter

Winter is knocking on the door, and as you open them, you might wonder if they are properly insulated. Colder months of the year bring new challenges, and it’s good enough of a reason to start considering a home remodeling project. The professional team at CPP Builders came over to my house for a check-up. They gave me valuable recommendations on what I could upgrade to prepare for the impending winter. Here’s what you could improve with a home remodeling project to improve the quality of life but also increase your home’s value.

Plumbing Fixtures

Replace Plumbing Fixtures

A high-quality plumbing fixture will add immediate aesthetic appeal and function to your home. Replacing old fixtures will ensure your plumbing is ready for temperatures that can freeze water and cause them to break.

In addition to improving the aesthetics of your home, updated plumbing fixtures use less water, allowing you to save money and reduce your environmental impact. You should also consider the factor that it might be difficult to book a contractor during the winter. This is because of their busy schedules. Plumbers and other home service providers tend to be busier in the winter, so you’re more likely to have your pick of dates during this period.

Update the Flooring

There is only so much cleaning you can do before realizing your flooring can no longer look fresh and new. Due to the fact that most of the work will be done inside, you won’t have to worry about inclement weather putting a halt to your plans.

Flooring contractors measure spaces and determine whether you should stay with carpet or replace it with hardwood or another hard-surface option.

Furniture and other items should be moved off the floor to make sure the installers can work. It might not be smart to plan on staying home on installation day. It is not uncommon to hear a lot of noise when the flooring is removed and installed. It is also possible for adhesives to smell quite strongly at times.

Update the Flooring

Upgrade Lighting

There is less daylight available during winter, so you should consider your lighting. Lighting fixtures can be upgraded with newer, more energy-efficient models by hiring a licensed electrician to replace outdated or inefficient incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs.

Your utility bill will come down when you combine LED light bulbs with new fixtures. You may also consider upgrading or replacing old windows for the sake of insulation but also to allow more natural light in. Winters can be quite hard on the psyche. More natural light affects your overall mood positively.

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Prevent Drafts

Make sure your house does not have any holes that may leak heated air or allow cold air in. This will lower your heating bill because you won’t need to constantly heat your entire house.

Schedule a visit from a professional to thoroughly investigate your house and find leaks. Adding a layer of insulation onto the exterior walls will cement your defense against cold and unwelcome critters and insects.

A New Paintjob

A New Paintjob

Winter is a great time to update your home’s interior with a fresh coat of paint. You won’t run into scheduling problems during the winter since most professional painters consider it their off-season.

Consult your painter for color advice if you aren’t sure which color to choose. A professional can give you direction and confidence when choosing the right paint color and finish for a particular room. It’s better to use more vibrant and bright colors to contrast the darkness of winter.

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