What Is Foam Density And How Does It Affect The Mattress

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A foam mattress has specific characteristics which are confusing for the customers to understand. But it is essential for a buyer to know more about it to make the right choice. Though they look like minor things to you know right now, they can profoundly impact the comfort and become a great differentiator in the product experience in the long run. Foam density is one such concept which you should know while you are buying a mattress.

What Is Foam Density 

Density is measured in m³ (cubic meter), and it defines the foam quality. A bed mattress that has higher density has more foam and fewer air pockets in it per cubic meter and hence weighs more. A bed with a lower density will have less foam and more air pockets and consequently weighs less.

A common mistake people make while buying the best mattress online or in shops is that they misunderstand density with firmness. People typically associate higher density with a more firm bed but what density suggests is quality and durability rather than firmness.

Effect Of Density On The Mattress 

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Density does not affect the firmness

The level of comfort that a mattress offers is measured by  Indentation force deflection or IFD rating. The rating defines the force needed to make a dent of 1 inch on a 50 square inch of foam. The more power required, the better the IFD rating. The firmness of the mattress is based on its IFD and composition of the bed. There is a WakeFit mattress of varying IFD ratings with high-density quality foams and varying levels of firmness which are durable.

Sleep quality

A quality mattress is essential for good quality sleep. Many people wake up feeling sore in their back or neck and do not realize that the cause is their bed. A high-density mattress or ortho mattress is best for such people as it provides excellent relief from pain and also releases stress from the pressure points and enables the distribution of the bodyweight of the sleeper evenly.

Better durability

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Typically a high-density foam offers better durability than low-density foam as it provides resistance from wear and tear. A memory foam mattress made of quality high-density foam can last you 50% longer than low-density foam mattresses irrespective of the Firmness.

The response time of the foam

The density of the foam defines the response time. The foam response time is the time taken by it to return to the original form after being released from compression. The response time of a lower density of the foam is faster when compared to high-density foams as there are larger air-pockets that help to get back to their original shape quickly. It is also easy to get off a low-density foam mattress, but it does not offer contour support as high-density foam.

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The manufacturing cost increases as the quantity of material used increases which impacts the price. The low-density mattress requires less foam, and thus they are cheap compared to the higher density foams but are less durable and offer less comfort. Therefore it is necessary not to buy based on price but to take into consideration the density too.

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There are many suppliers who do not specify the density of the foam so it is essential that you buy products that tell you the density. You should be fully aware of the specifications of a mattress when you are making a purchase so that you make an informed choice. If the density of the foam is not mentioned, you can safely assume that it is low and thus not specified. Avoid buying a low-density foam mattress as you are compromising on durability, comfort, and sleep for a few extra bucks.

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