What Should Be The Layout And Design Of Any X-Ray Room?

X-Ray Room 1

Almost in most of the big hospitals, there will be at least one X-ray equipment installed and that has to be an easily accessible location so that patients can visit if asked to. When an X-ray will be taken for any patient then not only the patient but also the operator who is handling the X-ray equipment is exposed to harmful rays that can cause cancer too.

Therefore, x-ray room walls must be suitably designed, and also its layout must be properly planned for safety. The following few features must be considered while planning the layout of any X-ray room.

1. Location of installation of x-ray machine

It has to be located at the maximum possible distance from the area, which is likely to be of very high occupancy areas e.g., pediatrics or maternity wards.

2. Layout

When deciding the layout of x-ray rooms, it should be such that there should be a minimum number of doors available for entry.

3. Room size

Also, make sure that the room must be sufficiently spacious so that it is convenient to install any X-ray machine as well as at 2 persons can move around the machine for servicing work that may be needed from time to time.

People working in the room must be safe and the operator can freely move around the machine while taking an x-ray of any patient.

4. Equipment layout

X-Ray Room 2

Make sure that x-ray equipment is so installed that during its use, the useful x-ray beam does not get directed towards any doors, windows, control panels, or areas where more people may be around.

5. Control panel

For any diagnostic x-ray equipment that is operating below the 125-kilo Volts, its control panel must be located further away from the x-ray beam inside and a stationary/mobile barrier be provided by using lead sheetrock of 1.5 mm.

6. Waiting area

To avoid any crowding of the patient as well as their relatives coming near the door for entrance, a waiting area should be provided well outside of the x-ray room location.

7. Warning poster and light

Make sure that a suitable warning sign with a red light should be provided outside of the x-ray room, which must always be kept “ON” while the x-ray equipment will be energized for preventing any entry of people and a warning poster must also be displayed well outside the room for diagnostic.

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8. Shielding

Appropriate structural shielding needs to be provided, in order to protect any other workers who may be exposed to harmful rays of X-ray. Lead drywall should be installed so that people moving around may not be accidentally exposed to any harmful rays.

X-Ray Room 4

9. Opening and ventilation

If any ventilation is needed or the room needs natural light, then the ventilation must be placed at a height, which is not less than two meters from the level of the finished floor outside the room where the x-ray machine is installed.

Lead Glass Pro can take up such projects and design a suitable X-ray room facility in any hospital or research center where such facilities are needed.

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