Why do Seniors Get Addicted to Alcoholism? And How to Get Them Out of It?

Alcoholism in seniors has been increasing day by day. Major reasons for this include health problems, the death of a dear one, living alone away from kids, financial problems, relationship problems, and many more. But the good luck is that there are treatments available to help them get out of it.

So here in this article, we are going to talk about alcoholism addiction in seniors and their treatment options.

Addicted to Alcoholism

Seniors who need to enjoy their retirement life have been seen getting addicted to substances including alcohol. Though we feel this is their time to enjoy, but getting addicted to this can be a little difficult for them and their health. Most commonly the warning signs include insomnia, mood swings, depression, and anxiety. If you have any of your loved ones with these symptoms then do not wait any longer to help them.

Taking professional help, in this case, will cause no harm. Genesis Recovery is the best rehab center and is good at providing alcohol addiction treatment La Mesa CA. they have these treatment plans which include therapies, medications, and a well-structured program that can help every addicted individual.

Problems that alcoholism cause in the senior’s life


Alcohol is said to act differently in different individuals. Older people will feel high even with a small amount of intake as compared to the younger generation. So here are some ill effects of alcohol consumption in seniors:

  • Leads to cancer, liver damage, brain damage
  • Worse health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, memory loss
  • Improves the chances of heart attack
  • Have more chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease
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Kindly remember, some of the medications do interact with the alcohol causing unwanted effects. and as we age prescribed medications do become a part of our life. Thus, it is recommended that you check with the doctor before you consume any medications.

Signs of alcohol addiction in seniors

Signs of alcohol addiction in seniors

There are various signs that a family member understands and needs to react immediately. This includes:

  • Drinking a lot to cope with any depression or loss
  • Consuming alcohol with medications
  • Look irritated or agitated
  • Look drunken with breath smelling of alcohol and blurry speech
  • Hiding the liquor bottles where no one can find it

Treatment for alcohol addiction in seniors

alcohol addiction in seniors

As there are treatments available, with family support it is very easy for patients to come out of these addiction problems. Thus, it is very important that you start having a conversation with such a person and let them know about these options.

Interventions that are conducted with a help of a professional or a counselor have helped such cases to work successfully. It has been found that around 90% of individuals who have taken professional help agree or stick to this treatment without much chance of relapsing. As it is always said that support that you get from others is always found helpful to quit drinking and move towards a sober life.

Remember, it is never too late to take help and get out of this addiction problem. It is better to be healthy during your golden years.


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